S.M.A.R.T. Laboratory
Project Participants

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Kansas State University - Dept. of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering - SMART Laboratory 

   Prof. Douglas S. McGregor, PI

   Prof. J. Kenneth Shultis, Co-PI

   Prof. William Dunn, Co-PI

   Blake Rice

   Walter McNeil

   Troy Unruh

   Justin Lowrey

Kansas State University - Electronics Design Laboratory

   Tim Sobering

   Russell Taylor

   David Huddleston

University of Tennessee - Dept. of Electrical Engineering - Integrated Circuits and Systems Laboratory

   Prof. Benjamin Blalock

   Prof. Chuck Britton

   Lanie Britton

   Steven Bunch

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Spallation Neutron Source

   Dr. Lowell Crow

   Dr. Rick Riedel

   Dr. Xun-Li Wang

   Dr. Chris Tulk

   Dr. Christina Hoffmann

   Dr. Ronald Cooper

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