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Please see below some of the publicity that the SMART Laboratory has received over the last several years.

News Stories:

Sarah Stevenson wins Chancellor's Fellowship at UC Berkeley. See additional article.

SMART Lab wins fifth R&D 100 Award in 2017.  See article.

Sarah Stevenson wins Presidential Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Student in Research

SMART Laboratory wins fourth R&D 100 Award in 2015

Sarah Stevenson wins 2nd place in the Society of Womens Engineers Annual Conference

Prof. Douglas McGregor Named to Endowed Faculty Position, 2015

SMART Lab Director Receives Promotion to University Distinguished Professor, 2015

Don Ludlum, Kansas State Alumnus, passes (1932 - 2015), Video, Biography

Sarah Stevenson wins 2nd Place in Engineering Undergraduate Poster Forum

UMKC and SMART Laboratory Develop Neutron Sensor, 2014

SMART Laboratory wins third R&D 100 Award in 2014, V.2

SMART Laboratory 2013

Nuclear News Interview: Solid-State Neutron Detectors in SMART Laboratory 2013

Congressman Huelskamp Cuts Ribbon at SMART Laboratory Clean Room Inauguration 2012

Radiation Detector Development in SMART Laboratory Clean Room, 2012

SMART Laboratory Opens New Clean Room 2012

The KSU TRIGA MkII Nuclear Reactor Anniversary 2012

SMART Laboratory builds new clean room facility 2011

SMART Laboratory wins second R&D 100 Award in 2009, V.2

Prof. Douglas McGregor KSU News, 2006

Martin Ohmes in the DOE University Currents Magazine, Fall 2006

K-State SMART Lab in the DOE University Currents Magazine, Winter 2005.

K-State SMART Lab wins R&D 100 award, July 2005; IMAGES. OTHER versions V2, V3, V4.

K-State Media Relations, SMART Lab and Collaborators Receive $1.5 Million for Targeted Excellence, May 2005

SMART Lab Detector Invention Featured in BNL Publication, 2005

K-Stater, Revival of the Nuclear Engineering Program, 2005

$2 Million Research Grant From NSF,November 12, 2004, V. 2

Small Neutron Detectors at Low Cost, July 2004

ANL Features Neutron Detector Invented and Developed in SMART Lab, Sept 2004

MNE Newsletter article on the SMART Lab, December 2003

Perforated High-Efficiency Neutron Detectors, December 2003, V.2, V.3, V.4

High Resolution Gamma Ray Spectrometer, November 2003, V. 2

SMART Lab Neutron Detector Featured in ANL Newsletter, July 2003

SMART Lab article in IMPACT Newsletter, Spring 2003

Wafer of Many Neutron Detectors, December 2002

Semiconductor Neutron Detectors, November 2002, V. 2, V. 3, V. 4

   HAZWOPER Training (421 Kb)

   IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium 2007 (1 Mb)

   Large Furnaces Arrive (912 Kb)

   Larry Foulkes visits the SMART Laboratory (406 Kb)

SMARTober Fests:
   SMARTember Fest 2008

   SMARTember Fest 2009

   SMARTober Fest 2005 (1 Mb)

   SMARTober Fest 2006 (18 Mb)

   SMARTober Fest 2007 (6 Mb)

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