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Dr. Steven Bellinger

Dr. Steven Bellinger
Dr. Steven Bellinger is working on high-efficiency microstructured semiconductor neutron detectors. Dr. Bellinger developed a mass production etching process to produce thousands of microscopic perforations in Si substrates. He also developed a mass production process to backfill the perforations with neutron reactive materials. These detectors have been able to yield intrinsic thermal neutron detection efficiencies greater than 42% as calibrated with He-3 gas filled detectors. He is president and co-founder of Radiation Detection Technologies (RDT), Inc., a company that specializes in designing and fabricating compact neutron detectors and custom semiconductor radiation detectors. Dr. Bellinger is a co-recipient of four R&D 100 Awards in 2009, 2014, 2015, and 2017 for his work on the development of new neutron detection technologies. Dr. Bellinger has nine allowed U.S. patents with another patent pending.

Office Phone:(785) 532-7087
Office:123 Ward Hall
Lab:005, 015 and 016 Ward Hall

Steven Bellinger and Jeff Blackwell work on the Oxford ICP-RIE system.
Steven Bellinger and Jeff Blackwell work on the Oxford ICP-RIE system.

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