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Dr. Michael Reichenberger

Dr. Michael Reichenberger
BS-ME 2012; PhD-NE 2017; Dr. Michael Reichenberger assisted with several different projects as an undergraduate in the SMART Laboratory, including the construction of the new SMART Lab clean room. He joined the group as a graduate student in 2012 and worked on improved versions of the micro-pocket fission detectors (MPFD). MPFDs are the smallest and electronically fastest fission detectors ever built, and are under test as neutron detectors for in-core excursion experiments for the TREAT reactor. At the time of graduation, Dr. Reichenberger had 8 publications in refereed journals with 3 more papers under review, 10 publications in conference records, 6 technical reports with Idaho National Laboratory (INL), one patent pending. The detectors of his research have been tested by the US government, and are deemed as a viable devices for reactor instrumentation. These detectors were depicted on the cover of the Nuclear News Magazine in 2015. Dr. Reichenberger received numerous awards for his research accomplishments, including best poster at the ASME ICEM13 convention (2013) and the DOE Energy Innovation in Fuel Cycle Research Award (2nd place 2016). He presently works at Idaho National Laboratory as a Radiation Measurement Scientist. Advisor: Douglas S. McGregor


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