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Dr. Ryan Fronk

Dr. Ryan Fronk
BS-ME 2011; PhD-NE 2017; Dr. Ryan Fronk worked on dual-sided microstructured semiconductor neutron detectors (DS-MSND) where he set the efficiency record of 53.6% thermal neutron detection efficiency for a zero-bias device. These detectors have trenches, offset, etched on opposing sides of a Si wafer, all backfilled with LiF nanomaterial. DS-MSNDs are approximately 1 mm thick, yet have high efficiency similar to a common 2 atm He-3 gas-filled neutron detectors. Arrays of DS-MSNDs when placed in a cylindrical tube, have comparable performance to a 10 atm He-3 gas-filled neutron detectors. At the time of graduation, Dr. Fronk had 12 publications in refereed journals, 18 publications in conference records, 3 allowed patents, 1 patent pending, and was the co-recipient of two R&D 100 awards for the years 2015 and 2017. Dr. Fronk spent one year as a post doctoral research fellow at KSU finishing a project on wearable radiation detection technologies. He presently works at Idaho National Laboratory on new projects related to radiation detection and measurement. Advisor: Douglas S. McGregor


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