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Dr. Taylor Ochs

Dr. Taylor Ochs
BS-ME 2015, PhD-NE 2020; Dr. Taylor Ochs graduated with his PhD in May 2020. Originally working in the SMART Laboratory since 2013 as an undergraduate, he continued with the PhD program starting in 2015 and worked on high-efficiency dual-sided MSNDs. In his pioneering work, Dr. Ochs advanced the backfilling process and achieved the established the present thermal neutron detection efficiency record for this type of technology at 69%. At the time of graduation, Dr. Ochs had 8 refereed journal publications, 14 publications in Conference Records, and was a co-author on 6 invited conference presentations. Dr. Ochs shared in a 2017 R&D 100 Award for a "Wearable Detection Device", a jacket populated with low-profile radiation detectors that operated through wireless technology. In 2018, he received a 2nd place award from the DOE Innovation in Nuclear Technology R&D under Materials Protection Control Accountancy. Dr. Ochs was awarded the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award in 2019. Dr. Ochs presently works with RDT, Inc., on various radiation detection technologies. Advisor: Douglas S. McGregor

Office Phone:(785) 532-6480
Office:124 Ward Hall
Lab:015 and 016 Ward Hall

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