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The Center for the
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Laboratory Rooms

The S.M.A.R.T. Laboratory is a fully functional research facility dedicated to the design and production of new radiation detectors. Devices studied at the S.M.A.R.T. Laboratory include semiconductor-based and gas-filled radiation detectors. The S.M.A.R.T. Laboratory is divided into several smaller laboratories dedicated to certain processes or functions. The layout for the individual labs can be seen through the links listed below.

Room Listings
   Room 001 Ward - Class 100 Semiconductor Detector Fabrication Facility (527 Kb)
   Room 001A (Bunker) Ward - Low Pressure Condensation Deposition Room (37 Kb)
   Room 002 Ward - Radiation Detector and Dosimeter Calibration Room (25 Kb)
   Room 003 Ward - Material Preparation and Crystal Growth Laboratory III (270 Kb)
   Room 005 Ward - Tools and Materials Storage (48 Kb)
   Room 005A Ward - Machine and Maintenance Shop
   Room 010 Ward - Crystal Growth Laboratory I (CdZnTe) (58 Kb)
   Room 010A Ward - Crystal Growth Laboratory II (HgI2) (203 Kb)
   Room 011 Ward - Tate NAA Lab, RDIL, and Radiation Measurements Lab (141 Kb)
   Room 013 Ward - Dark Room (36 Kb)
   Room 015 Ward - Class 1000 Clean Room and Chemistry Lab (224 Kb)
   Room 130 Ward - Electronics Shop (45 Kb)
   Room 141 Ward - Semiconductor Materials Analysis Laboratory (SMAL) (296 Kb)

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